Welcome to the web home of the North Carolina Political Science Association. Our Mission is to provide a forum for developing and learning about political science and all its sub-fields. To achieve this mission, we:

  • Sponsor an annual statewide conference held each Spring;
  • Distribute a newsletter annually (in the spring);
  • Coordinate contacts at all North Carolina institutions of higher learning.

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Feb. 26, 2015

Dear Scholars: Let me start by saying: Do NOT drive in unsafe weather!

Our plan for the North Carolina Political Science Association is to cancel if the UNC Charlotte is closed (if the main campus is closed then the Center City Campus will also close). Please make sure to monitor UNCC's website: and/or your email. If campus is closed Friday, then the conference is cancelled.

The question is what we do if campus opens late: please monitor your email and this website, but in all likelihood, we will cancel, depending on the time and whether the catering staff can provide food. There are a number of individuals from the Charlotte area and we may have a much-scaled back event.

Again, do NOT drive if it is unsafe.

My biggest concern is that everyone is safe. I really want to re-emphasize that we will work with you to provide the registration fees or whatever documents your university may require.

The North Carolina Political Science Association' 44th annual conference will be held Charlotte in NC on Feb. 27, 2015, at NC Charlotte's new Center City location.

The FINAL program can be downloaded here.

The Conference Registration form can be downloaded here. The fee is 35 for faculty and $15 for students (those who are at universities which are institutional members for 2015 will receive a discount).

Here is a link to the Center City location

Finally, parking instructions can be found here. NOTE: There will be an attendant at the gate, and you should get a permit from him or her.